Rev Transcription Review: Paying You to Decipher What Is Said

Whether you are seeking a new side gig or just looking to explore transcription opportunities, Rev is one of the most popular transcription job providers online. In this Rev Transcription review, we’ll detail everything you need to know before applying. We’ll tackle some of the most frequently asked questions about online transcription jobs, and finally, we’ll compare Rev to comparable transcription services. Our Rev Transcription review can help you decide if emerging into the field of audio transcription is right for you.

What Is Rev Transcription?

Rev Transcription is a website that facilitates work for freelance transcriptionists. Rev finds clients and accepts files for transcription. Rev also recruits beginning to advanced freelance transcriptionists to complete the transcription jobs. Because of this matchmaking process, Rev takes a percentage of the fee charged to clients and gives a portion to the freelancer.

What Is Transcribing?

People in a variety of professional fields submit audio and video files that contain speech. Most often, these submissions are of meeting notes, presentations, and film clips. Typing out the words spoken in these files is what is referred to as transcribing.

How It Works

The job requires a transcriptionist to listen to the audio or video file and accurately type out the words on Rev’s online platform. Rev has a style guide for transcriptionists to follow. The more familiar you become with the style guide, the easier the transcription process becomes.

The Accuracy Imperative

Accuracy is of vital importance in the world of transcription services. The clients submitting to Rev are professional and expect transcriptionists to be professional. As a result, Rev grades newbie transcriptions for accuracy before allowing freelancers to advance into a solo word recording pursuits.

Do I Need Any Special Equipment?

No, you need no special transcription equipment to perform your freelance job with Rev. All that you need to get started as a Rev transcriptionist is a computer and reliable internet connection. A good set of headphones helps you hear the audio, but the job does not require them.

Who’s a Good Candidate?

If you enjoy working from home and creating your schedule, transcribing for Rev could be for you. However, transcribing audio and video files isn’t for everyone. It’s best suited for those who have an excellent command of the English language, above-average typing speed, and astute hearing.

If typing or hearing isn’t your strong suit, transcribing might not be the job for you. We’ll discuss why in the Earning Potential section.

Job Specs

Opportunity Knocks

Because Rev is an entirely online business, it’s an excellent opportunity for roaming freelancers, stay-at-home moms, or anyone who wants a break from the daily grind. Earnings are paid directly to your PayPal account every week after you’ve earned $5 or more.

Hiring Process

To qualify for a transcriber job with Rev, you’ll need first to pass an English grammar test and submit a sample transcription. All the application materials are available on their website. After you’ve submitted your application materials, Rev will contact you within 48 hours to let you know how you did. If you’ve passed, you can transcribe immediately.


Once you’ve been approved to transcribe, you must get some transcription training under your belt. Training will run through the Rev style guide protocol and other vital information to help you get the most out of your new position.

Job Selection

After you’ve proven yourself capable of accurately recording information, you’ll gain access to the job board. The job board contains all the relevant data for each file to help you navigate which jobs to choose. It’s better to select topics you know about and that interest you. Selecting a theme familiar to you will keep you engaged and ensure the vocabulary is manageable. All words must be spelled correctly; even those that are highly technical. Pick a topic you enjoy to make transcribing easier.

Rev Transcription Earning Potential

Rev pays freelancers per transcribed minute. In theory, this isn’t a bad deal because their files range from under a minute to over an hour in length. The longer the audio file, the more money you earn.

This is where the fast typing speed and exceptional hearing ability come into play. The faster you can type, and the more accurate your hearing is, the more earning potential you have as a freelance transcriber.

According to Rev’s website, the average monthly payout is $245. The top transcriptionists earn around $1,495 per month. The potential to make some extra cash with Rev exists; but don’t forget it’s a freelance job. You must pay the government their share of taxes on your own. Rev doesn’t collect taxes before paying you.

How It Compares‚ÄĒRev Transcription Review

We picked a few similar online transcription jobs for freelancers to compare in this Rev Transcription review. Here we’ll look at the pay, ease of site interface, work requirements, and necessary work experience for each of the competing online transcription service sites. By the end of this Rev Transcription review, we’ll have a clearer idea about how Rev stacks up to its competitors.

  • Scribie

  • GoTranscript

  • TranscribeMe

Rev Transcription

Pay $$

Ease of Site Interface 5 Stars

We gave the Rev site interface five stars because it’s incredibly intuitive. The site is designed to help beginners get started in the transcribing business. It provides helpful tools and suggestions to keep freelancers on the right track. The site functions well and looks great.

Work Requirements 5 Stars

Rev takes away five Stars for work requirements because they are supremely flexible. Freelance transcriptionists may work as much or as little as they want without penalty. As with all transcription services, Rev requires accuracy because it is part and parcel of the service. Efficiency isn’t too much to ask from a transcriber.

The training process might discourage some freelancers because of the limited availability of jobs and the lower pay scale but hang in there. Each minute you transcribe brings you closer to receiving more jobs and simultaneously higher pay.

Work Experience 5 Stars

What we can say in this Rev Review is that the Rev work experience requirement is definitely on the side of the freelancer. Some sites don’t accept applicants with no previous experience, but Rev does. They have something right in doing this. Many people without previous experience become amazing transcribers with the tools provided by Rev.


Scribie is an online transcription facilitation website that has been around since 2008. We once knew the company as CallGraph, a transcription agency that allowed people to work from the comfort of their homes. Scribie offers automated (computer-generated) transcription services and manual (human) transcription.

When you work for Scribie, your transcription will go through a tiered approval process that includes a review and possibly revisions depending on the quality. Scribie Pay is reportedly a little low for freelancers, with most reporting around $5 to $25 per audio hour.

Working your way up the ladder is possible with Scribie. Once you have a clean transcription record, you might qualify to review other people’s transcriptions for money.

The best thing about Scribie is that they pay out every day via PayPal and they don’t have a minimum payout amount. Just make sure you have a verified PayPal account in your name.

Pay $

Ease of Site Interface 3 Stars

The Scribie site interface receives three stars in this Rev Transcription review because it’s a little dated and not exactly intuitive to use. The font sizes are small, which can be challenging for some transcribers to read.

Work Requirements 5 Stars

We gave Scribie five stars for work requirements because they are flexible. They always have jobs to transcribe. All they ask is that you are proficient in verbal and written American, British, or Australian English and can evidence this in your transcriptions.

Work Experience 4 Stars

Scribie gets four stars for work experience because they aren’t as flexible with the newbies as Rev. They have stricter application requirements, which might deter budding transcriptions from applying.



GoTranscript is a UK-based transcription service website that hires freelancers from anywhere in the world. On this site, you’ll always be able to choose from a variety of different topics. The GoTranscript feedback standard keeps freelancers in the loop about their progress to further their skills and professional growth.

GoTranscript reports that they pay up to $0.60 per audio or video minute. Keep in mind that this is the recorded minute and not the time you spend transcribing. Their site also notes that the average worker earns around $150 per month and the top earners make around $1,215 per month. They make payments weekly to verified PayPal accounts or through Payoneer accounts.

We know this company to have excellent communication with transcriptionists, so you need not fear never hearing from them after submitting your application materials. Most working transcriptionists with GoTranscript report hearing from them within a few days.

Pay $

Ease of Site Interface 5 Stars

GoTranscript receives five stars in the ease of site interface category because it’s straightforward to use and hassle-free. They detail everything freelancers need to know before and during the transcription process. The company offers support to transcriptionists directly from their online portal. We appreciate the transparency with this site.

Work Requirements 3 Stars

GoTranscript received three stars for work requirements because their application testing is more extreme than with other online transcription service sites. They do accept beginners, but part of their transcript features non-native English speakers as required exam audio. Along with poor audio quality, non-native speaker transcriptions are among the most difficult to transcribe. These test parameters make GoTranscript a more difficult transcription site to get accepted on to.

Work Experience 5 Stars

GoTranscript doesn’t have minimum requirements for job applicants. They hire beginners and long-standing professional transcribers to record their audio files. We’ve given them five stars for opening up the platform to an array of candidates.



TranscribeMe claims to pay freelancers more than any other online transcription service site. Pay is the company’s hiring strategy and mission. They report an average payment of $250 per month and a top monthly earning cap of $2,200. They pay anywhere from $15 to $22 per audio hour, which is more than any of the other companies in this Rev Transcription review. They disperse earned funds into your PayPal account weekly as per your request.

Getting started with TranscribeMe is easy. On the company website, you’ll be directed to their application materials. These materials include an English exam and example transcriptions. TranscribeMe allows for more than one attempt to pass each of the exams. Be sure to review the style guide for further tips on how to ace the tests. Once you pass the tests, they will contact you within a couple of weeks with further instructions on how to transcribe from home.

Pay $$$

Ease of Site Interface 5 Stars

Finding your way around the TranscribeMe site and the WorkHub account portal is easy. WorkHub is where freelancers find and submit transcription work. They get five stars for making the process simple to follow, and the website easy to use.

Work Requirements 4 Stars

Like all sites in this Rev Transcription review, TranscribeMe allows you to pick up as much work as you want to. Work allowance doesn’t mean there will always be work available to pick up. Still, the company offers great flexibility and a variety of topics to transcribe.

Work Experience 5 Stars

Experience isn’t necessary to apply for a position with TranscribeMe. They get five stars for accepting applicants with little or no previous experience but with a firm grasp of the English language.



What we’ve learned in this Rev Transcription review is that Rev is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to make some extra cash from home. Rev has a steady stream of jobs, consistent payouts, and a fair business model in the realm of online transcription service providers. They aren’t the highest-paying online transcription company, but they always have work.

If there is one thing to take away from this Rev Transcription review, it’s that you can put your typing, hearing, and English proficiency skills to work from the comfort of your home. We’ve reviewed some top online agencies for freelance transcribers and revealed what it takes to apply. If you think you have what it takes, apply for a position with Rev Transcriptions. This company lives up to the hype.


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