Part Time Work from Home Jobs: Top 10 Part-Time Jobs of 2018

Part Time Work from Home Jobs

Do you have a lot of extra time on your hands? If you hate killing time and are always looking for easy ways to earn more, you might want to consider a part time work from home job.

These jobs are flexible and take your career to the next level while also letting you make a little extra money.

Technology has opened up many opportunities for people to start working from the comfort of their homes.

You do not need to wear yourself out at a 9 to 5 job throughout the week to make an income and support your family financially.

While the idea of starting a home-based business is gaining more and more popularity, it may not be the best option for you. That does not mean you cannot earn from home.

You can still make money by choosing to work part time from home. In this article, we will be walking you through a few of the best part-time, work-from-home job options.

Advantages of a Part Time Work From Home Job

a laptop, milk and tea on a tray while having a part time work from home job

A part-time job arrangement is a great way to earn an additional income for your household. It is a popular option among students since they cannot pursue a full-time job while studying. A part-time job helps them earn a little pocket money and contribute towards their college tuition. Here are a few benefits of a part-time job:

  1. It gives you a chance to pursue work in the industry of your choice.
  2. You will only need to spare a few hours every week at a part-time job.
  3. It offers opportunities for people who cannot afford to work full-time; like students, senior citizens and people with medical conditions.
  4. You are not expected to make any financial investment apart from a small sum (like a membership fee).
  5. It gives you plenty of flexibility, especially when it comes to the number of hours you are asked to work.
  6. You have an opportunity to enter a budding line of work.

Red Flag Alerts

a fraud alert signal when looking for part time work form home job

Once you start looking for part-time work, it is likely that you will come across a few job alerts that seem fishy. It is important for you to do your homework and determine the credibility of these jobs. We have shared a few pointers for you to consider before you accept a part-time offer:

  • Watch out for any glittery ads that promise to help you earn an exorbitant amount every month. Such websites are probably fake.
  • Get the contact information of the businesses you are planning to apply to. A genuine company will never hide its identity or contact information.
  • Try to read the reviews of websites that offer part-time jobs. They are usually objective and help you make a more informed decision.
  • Most genuine websites will charge you a small subscription fee to become a part of their network.

Top 10 Part-Time Job Ideas from Home

It is time to dive in and check out a few options. Going by our experience and research, we would say these jobs can be taken up by people from all age groups.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is a very simple job; here, you are expected to help students grasp and apply various concepts and execute practical projects.

You do not need to be physically present to give these lessons since most online classes are easily conducted using Skype.

Even if you end up spending a lot of time on such tutoring projects, the result is worthwhile. You will have the satisfaction of having guided somebody who needed it.

What’s more, you can also make anywhere between $12-$35 per hour depending on the nature of your expertise and the students’ coaching needs.

TutorVista, Tutorzilla and Sylvan Learning are a few reputed websites that offer part-time teaching assignments to freelancers in various study fields.

All you have to do is sign up and meet the hiring criteria companies put forth. 


You can become a vlogger by uploading videos related to cooking, travel experiences, movie reviews and many more.

Just consider that your videos could potentially help plenty of people. You can even make money out of these videos by getting paid for the number of clicks or subscriptions your channel has.

Vloggers are generally paid up to $2 for every 1,000 clicks they get from their viewers.

Think of an innovative way to offer your service and start your own channel on YouTube to generate an income.

Website Testing

an application being tested which can also be a part time work from home job

This is the ideal job for you if you love surfing the internet. If you become a website tester, you need to browse through various websites and check out their different parameters like the ease of use and relevance.

You will be briefed about the pointers you need to consider while browsing through the website.

Such instructions will be given by your client much in advance and you need to report your findings thoroughly to earn a quick buck.

Website testers generally earn in the bracket of $10-$15 per website. If you would like to try your hand at being a website tester, you can start by registering on credible platforms like Userlytics, YouEye and UserTesting.

Registering with multiple companies can increase your chances of earning more.

Transcription Services

A transcriptionist listens to audio files and types out a copy of the sound clip, verbatim.

Transcribing is one of the easiest jobs available which also has the capacity to pay you $25 or more depending on your client and the project.

Working as a transcriptionist does not require a lot of expertise apart from having good listening and typing skills.

You can sign up for the job even if you do not have any relevant experience associated with such a service.

Quicktate, TranscribeMe and TranscribeAnywhere are a few websites that offer part-time jobs to interested transcriptionists.

Check out the opportunities they offer and take a final decision depending on your needs and current financial situation.

Online Chat Service

an exchange of communication via online chat which can be considered as a part time work from home job

The role of a chat representative is to address the concerns of buyers and help them out with any queries they may have.

Chat representatives’ services are indispensable since every company, regardless of industry, needs to keep its clients happy.

As a representative of your company, you will be expected to conduct yourself politely and efficiently.

Remember, you will be addressing the needs of potential buyers as well as existing customers. You also have to resolve any complaints that come up.

You only need to invest a few hours per day to do this job. A chat representative earns an average income of $14.50 per hour.

This amount may vary according to the nature of your job and your employer.

Content Writing

If you enjoy writing, this is a lucrative opportunity for you. In this role, you are expected to write articles, product and website descriptions, blog posts and reviews of various products and services. These pieces are then posted on websites and social media platforms.

You will need to indulge in a fair amount of research before taking on topics that do not fall under your area of expertise.

You will also be expected to stick to the brief given by your clients to ensure that your writing matches their vision.

A content writer can earn anywhere between $14 to $30 per hour; this amount may vary depending on the kind of project you undertake and the amount of research each piece demands.

Websites like Freelancer and PeoplePerHour are good options to explore if you are new to the field of writing.

Online Surveys

Online surveys can be a lot of fun. They do not take up a lot of your time and also pay you for your effort. If you are considering this as a career, here’s something that can nudge you in the right direction.

Today, online surveys are not limited to filling out a questionnaire. Depending on the kind of research conducted, companies can pay you to play games, watch videos and refer friends.

In this role, your earnings may vary since different websites have different payment brackets. Companies usually pay in cash, via PayPal or in the form of gift cards.

But first, you should be eligible to participate in these surveys. This means you should fall under the researcher’s target audience.

MySurvey, PineCone Research and Swagbucks (read our review) are a few websites that help you make money via online surveys and sweepstakes.

But despite their high earning potential, you must realize that you cannot earn thousands of dollars a week via surveys alone (contrary to what a few ads may say). 

Search Engine Tester

search engine as a tool to search information as website tester which can be a part time work from home

This role is similar to that of a website tester; the only difference is that you are given specific kinds of information to search for.

You are expected to conduct these searches on engines like Google and Bing. Companies need you to help them with this so that they can understand what the market searches for.

People are always searching for information on the internet, even if they are not fluent in the language.

Though search engines offer translation services, they may not be able to pinpoint what the user is searching for. This affects the results.

You can take up this role and spend about 10 to 25 hours per week to look up different kinds of information and understand user behavior.

You will be paid somewhere around $9-$10 per hour to test search result patterns of these engines. 

Virtual Assistance

Large businesses are naturally not easy to handle. The senior management is usually required to spend a lot of time coming up with high-level ideas and running the show overall.

They are also expected to carry out administrative work and manage a large number of employees and business processes.

A virtual assistant’s job is to help senior managers with planning and coordination. Today, many companies prefer to hire assistants on a freelance basis, since this helps them save the cost of hiring a full-time secretary.  

As a virtual assistant, your job consists of planning meetings, keeping your boss’ calendar up-to-date, replying to emails and other tasks that come up.

You can earn anywhere between $10 to $15 per hour for the job. The best places to search for online assistance jobs are FlexJobs, UpWork and PeoplePerHour.

Language Training

Today, businesses are evolving and it is necessary to collaborate with people from around the world. This means there is an increased need to learn and master the English language.

English tutoring is said to help bridge the gap between people speaking in different languages. If you are looking for employment in this area, you are in luck.

English teachers are very much in demand since they can help facilitate smooth communications between managers from different companies.   

As an English tutor, your job is to provide lessons in basic English. You also have to teach your learners the rules of grammar and punctuation.

Companies pay their tutors an average of $15 per hour for their services. You can find such projects on websites like GoFluent and ISpeakUSpeak.

Working for More

a woman working on her laptop while taking notes for her part time work from home

After extensive research, one thing seems to be very clear. It is possible to find a part-time, work-from-home job that fits into your schedule. The market is full of opportunities, but we have handpicked the best ones for the article.

Thanks to the internet, it has become a lot easier to find work easily. You can also get a job that suits your comfort levels.

In other words, if delivering pizza is not your thing, you still have plenty of other part-time job options to pursue.

Since most part-time jobs do not require you to go to an office, you should be prepared to complete all your applications online.

Remember, there are plenty of ways in which you can earn a little extra money on the side. All you need is patience and hard work!

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