How To Make Money Online: Learn The Secrets To Profitability

how to make money online with a laptop

Have you ever wondered how to make money online? Ever dreamed of making money without having to put on your corporate wardrobe and drive your way to your office? That would be the perfect way to earn money. A few years ago, this might have sounded a bit idealistic and nearly impossible.

But today, with virtual identities reigning supreme in business models, the scope of earning money while sitting behind your laptop is already a standard norm. The internet needs the content of all types, and as the race to maintain the most marketable virtual trademark heats up each day, there are multiple ways that you can make money online.

Making money online can mean different things to different people. Some might prefer to earn all their money via remote jobs, while some others may already have a 9-5 job and seek online opportunities to make little extra money.   

This article identifies a number of occupations that can be extremely lucrative. All it takes is a little bit of effort, planning, and patience. Read on, and you might find your next small venture right here!

​​​​​​​​Practical Ways On How To Make Money Online

how to make money online using desktop computer


One of the most lucrative ways on how to make money online is blogging. You might not realize the cash immediately at the beginning of your journey, but with a little bit of effort, commitment and patience, the impact of developing content online will pay off.

Once you have a specific field and range of topics to cover, you will be able to find several ways of making money via your own blog. Take a look at these few online income earning activities:


The first and most obvious way is using your website to promote and advertise specific products. Spots for advertising can be sold directly or through search networks and other programs like AdSense. However, to make money out of these programs, you need to have already developed a little traffic; your audience should have viewed these ads over a few thousand times already. Only then will you be able to generate a profit from it.

Sponsored Content

If your website or blog is attracting a strong traffic, you can launch ad spaces to fit content that is sponsored yet relevant. For example, a food blog might have a famous local chef come and prepare a dish for the audience.

It would be good marketing strategy for the chef, who would pay for the spot, and serve as useful content for you as well! Articles dedicated to specific products or companies will earn you good money.

Affiliate Marketing

Today, affiliate networks like FlexOffers provide a range of different products that you can link to your website or blog and earn money for promoting it.

Once again, the money that you can earn will be based on the traffic that you will receive and the relevance of the product (in the context of your blog). But if you have maintained your blog for a year or two, you might be on your way to earning little extra income through affiliate marketing.

Taking Paid Surveys

Business-owners in any industry have to invest a lot of money in market research and this is a very nice way how to make money online. By getting a better idea of the needs of the market, they can optimize the placement and promotion of their product. This market research is conducted through surveys and might require large volumes of people to fill these forms out.

Not only are there are companies solely invested in market research, but there are also websites where you can find countless surveys with different specifications. In fact, these websites often offer money to use specific search engines too!

If you are someone who likes to share his opinion and has free time now and then, you might be able to earn quite a right amount of money by filling out these online surveys. Some of these websites are mentioned below.

  • InboxDollars: You may not be able to earn all the money you need via this website, but it provides enough opportunity to secure a passive income. Get a few extra bucks for signing up and follow it up with a few surveys to get you to the double digits.
  • User Testing: Making $10 for testing out a website does not sound too bad to me. Do a few of those every week, and you might be able to treat yourself to a fancy meal now and then! Owners of websites watch you as you navigate through the platform, and you get an extra $10 for 15-20 minutes of work.
  • Swagbucks: This works the same way as InboxDollars. You can make money by taking surveys or using search engines. Once again, it might not make you wealthy, but you might be able to get a couple of beers!

Freelance Writing

With everyone moving to the virtual world, the need to create quality content is on the rise. The market is fresh, and the players are ready to beat all competitors.

If you have always been able to find words to describe and express yourself, this is another way how to make money online; through the writing business. Digital content is something that is becoming increasingly lucrative as websites fight to maintain the status quo or even surpass their competitors. This could be a great way on how to make money online.

You might also be able to write for specific clients with needs ranging from travel coverage to event descriptions. Here are a few options:

  • Listverse: This is one of those websites that pays you $100 if your article is accepted. It has to be a list of at least ten different points and must follow their writing guidelines. Earning $100 for 1,500 words almost sounds like a deal that’s too good to be true!
  • The Penny Hoarder:  This website pays you based on the number of views your article gets. You could earn a lot more than Listverse, but you could also go home penniless a few times. 50,000 views get you $100, and it can go up to $800 based on the traction your article receives.
  • iWriter: If you are looking for a website that is not as stringent as the ones mentioned in this list, iWriter might be what you need. They pay up to $15 for an article but do not impose as many rules in article writing.

Teach or Design Courses

how to make money online by creating online course or teaching

The online teaching industry is picking up each day. With schedules getting busier, learners now demand education on the go. And to keep up with this rising demand, teaching methods are evolving too. The idea of any time, anywhere learning is here to stay, and it is a lucrative money-making option too.

If you have experience in teaching or think you know a specific subject well, you might be able to create courses on websites like Udemy, Thinkific or Teachable.

You might need to invest a little effort in designing a course and finding the relevant resources, but once your content is set and your video sessions recorded, you are ready to start your own business!

These might go on to gain immense popularity and earn you a considerable amount of money based on your sales and reach. So, if your schedule does not currently allow you to commit to a full-time teaching job, these online platforms might be a boon for you!

Hobbies Coupled with Social Media

how to make money online by getting projects that uses your artistic and creative skills

CC 0 by Public Domain, via Pixabay.

Everything, from painting to making music, has a potential market in social media. You just have to discover your interest. If you can play an instrument or make some really good electronic music, step out of the shadows and create your Youtube channel today.

A very enjoyable way on how to make money online is through your creativity. If you have the talent to create captivating painting and drawings, get them all on an Instagram page and find a strategy. Either sell pieces or promote your work to get paid for customizing other designs that are requested by clients.

You will be shocked to know the number of superstars that social media have created over the past few years. Everything- from comedy clips, spoofs to any kind or even replaying real-life events on games - could instantly make you a star on social media. The possibilities are endless. You need to give that extra effort and take a leap!

Other Suggestions How To Make Money Online

This list included just a few things you could do on the internet to make some money. There are so many other ways how to make money online - trying the stock market, diving to less averse risk bets and so on. All you need is a little bit of an enterprising vision, coupled with adequate amount of time and effort. Before you know it, the cash will start flowing in from multiple sources.

It might not make you a millionaire overnight, but it will undoubtedly allow you that peace of mind along with the satisfaction of having done something productive. What’s more, you might be able to buy time, and of course, it is always a boon if you don’t have to see your boss every day. There are plenty of secrets in the internet, and you could make a lot of money out of it! Just give it a good shot, and you will see for yourself.


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