Easy Ways To Make Money In 2018 and Grow Your Wealth

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In this article, we will find some of the easy ways to make money. There is no such thing as a free lunch, or so goes the saying.

While everyone aspires to earn more than they currently do, very few can accomplish it without working very hard for it. Making money is difficult, and there are no two ways about it. But making money doesn’t have to be tough if you make the best use of your resources and skills. There exist some easy, convenient and tried-and-tested ways to make money.

Let’s look at some of the easiest ways to make money, and understand how they work.

Easy Ways to Make Money FAQs

What Are Easy Ways to Make Money?

By its definition, an easy way to make money would be any activity that gives you monetary returns with minimal investment of time, finances or effort. There exist several ways to make easy money, and most of them are facilitated by the tool that has changed the way we live and interact with each other: the internet.

How to Get Started on Making Easy Money?

First of all, you need to identify the resources for easy ways to make money. Do you have some savings that you can use or a skill that is hard to come by? Do you own an asset, like a house or a car, that is unused and idle? Next, take a call on how you want to use that resource and how much time you will be able to give it. Once you have an answer to these questions, getting started on making extra money will be a lot easier.

How We Reviewed Different Ways to Make Money

Unfortunately, there are plenty of ‘get-rich’ scams that lure unaware and gullible individuals to part with their hard-earned money. To help you avoid them, we have compiled a list of reliable and trustworthy easy ways to make money. We based our selection on three factors (source: thepennyhoarder.com)

  1. The work had to be easily available (a simple search should throw up several opportunities)
  2. The work should involve minimal financial input (by making judicious use of pre-existing resources or skills)
  3. And the work should be low-maintenance (so that you put in the least time and effort, yet maximize your earnings).

How Much Money Can You Make with Easy Jobs?

Brace yourself, but you need to hear this: initially, you might struggle to make any money at all. Only after a few months, when you have understood the process and the ecosystem of the activity, will you be able to master it. It depends on whether you work for someone who provides a stable income or use the best set of platforms or tools that earns cash in exchange for tasks. Therefore, according to the activity you choose, you can expect to make anything between $25 to $100 a day, even in the beginning. With time and experience, you will be able to make a lot more.

Top 10 Easy Ways to Make Money

Part-Time Bookkeeping

easy ways to make money: calculator, pen, and balance sheets

If you have basic knowledge on working your way through an Excel spreadsheet, you are one step away from a bookkeeping gig which is one of the easy ways to make money. Although the pay could go up to $60 per hour with time and experience, the median pay for this home-based job is $19, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The best part? It can be done from the comfort of your bedroom.

You don’t even have to be a certified accountant or a math genius to be eligible for the role. All you should have are decent computer skills and the ability to work within deadlines. Before you look for bookkeeping jobs, make sure you thoroughly understand what the job entails and if possible, undertake a short course on how to become a virtual bookkeeper.

Drive and Get Paid

easy ways to make money: a car using GPS on a phone to drive

If you are a penchant for going on long drives, you can get paid for it as well. Signing up with popular cab aggregators like Uber or Lyft would allow you to set your work schedule as a driver partner and work just as much as you want. You can set your preferred routes and timing, and simply turn off the apps on days you don’t feel like driving. Some drivers reportedly earn over $500 a week with just a few hours spent driving each day. (source: clubthrifty.com)

Remember, you must have a valid driver’s license, be over 21 years old, have some previous driving experience and must pass a background check. Also, your car must be a four-door, four-seater and be  duly registered and covered by insurance. Morning or evening, weekday or weekend, popular or unpopular routes - no matter how you choose, if you are driving and want to earn some extra cash, you know now what to do. For working just as much as you wish, this is a sweet deal especially if you already happen to own a car.

Watching Videos and Playing Games Online

easy ways to make money: two players testing out a game

Companies today are exploring new ways to advertise their products and services to their customers and are willing to pay them for watching advertisements. If you spend time playing games and looking at videos on your phone, this is another one of those easy ways to make money. Several applications and websites offer rewards in exchange for playing games and watching videos. Usually, points which can be redeemed for other products and services are rewarded. These depend on the task and the length of project engagement.

You can try Perk, CashPirate or InboxDollars to start making money by playing simple games or watching videos. Every time you are bored and watch a video on InboxDollars, for instance, you get credited with a small amount of cash. Similarly, Perk and CashPirate are suitable if you enjoy playing games, answering survey questions and installing new apps and would like to get paid for doing so. The giveaways per task might seem small, but over time they accumulate to give you a decent return.

Testing New Apps and Websites

easy ways to make money: a woman testing an app using a tablet

CC 0 by Public Domain, Pixabay.

Companies often pay people to test their website or application before launching it commercially. In return for payment, a comprehensive feedback is expected from the tester. There exist quite a few platforms that allow users to earn from testing new apps and websites. In most cases, there is a set process to record the review or survey and then provide feedback to the company. The payment is approved only after this has been completed (source: time.com).

The best part is that you are not required to have expert technical knowledge about coding or development; you only need to provide your unique feedback as an end-user. You can test websites and apps whenever you have spare time on your hands which will help you accumulate small sums of money for a decent payout at the end of the month. UserTesting and FeaturePoints are good tools to jumpstart your testing.

Renting out Extra Space

easy ways to make money: a living room with stairs and a large window

CC 0 by Public Domain, Pexels, via Pixabay.

If you happen to have a spare room or vacant property, one of the easy ways to make money without any hassle is to rent it out. You may choose to rent it for a long duration to the same occupant, or to different occupants (like tourists) for short stays. This will give you a sizable and stable source of income without any additional investment.

Several online platforms can help you connect with prospective occupants. You should consider a popular local real estate website to advertise your property for rent to families for longer durations. If you intend to rent it lease it to tourists, Airbnb is the way to go. Since you own the property, you can introduce a few house rules and communicate them explicitly in your listing.

Opening a Dropshipping Store

easy ways to make money: an online buyer using credit card to pay

Running a drop-shipping business entails managing a business without having to worry about inventory, stocks, order management, payment, and shipping. Several retailers on Shopify offer this facility to individuals who want to run a business with minimal hassle.

Here’s how it works: you set up your online store, populate it with products of your choice and promote them using your networks. Every time someone places an order through your store, the vendor or supplier processes and ships it. Every order made through your store earns you a predetermined commission.

Shopify and a few other platforms offer these services, and you can start your online business instantly. What’s more, since you have been spared the worries of managing essential aspects like inventory, shipping, and customer support, you can focus on promoting and marketing your business.

Online Tutoring

easy ways to make money: words about teaching or mentoring

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If you have any distinct skill or talent that you can teach others, all you need is an internet connection and a laptop. That's one of the ways to earn easy money. The internet has made tutoring a preferred choice of work for many ready-to-learn students all over the world.

Signing up as a tutor on platforms like Chegg means that you can use your subject matter expertise to help students worldwide and earn by the hour. Flexible timings, regular pay and the satisfaction of knowing that you are spreading knowledge - online tutoring has it all! Before you consider online tutoring, remember, you should be good at what you intend to teach and have the dedication to helping others learn.

Selling Photos You Have Clicked

easy ways to make money: a man holding photos beside a camera

If you have a penchant for taking photos everywhere, you must have a big collection of photos at your disposal. And with smartphones coming with sophisticated cameras, you might have a photo or two that commands a million bucks! But do you know that you can sell your photos on stock image websites and earn good money?

Earnings are not literally in millions of dollars, but you can put up photos of landscapes, cityscapes, animals, buildings, crowds or just about anything on stock websites. These websites charge someone if they download and use your picture, and share a part of the earning with you. You can get started on websites like Shutterstock or use apps like Foap. What better way to make most of your time than to monetize your eye for beauty?

Flipping Domain Names

Buying and selling domain names are a very profitable business that can be managed as a side hustle. Website names, or domains, need to be parked or reserved by individuals or organizations that want to use them. But people or companies starting a new website do not usually look up the availability of a domain name until needed. By reserving popular domains for yourself, you can sell them later at the price of your choice.

It takes patience and negotiation skills to buy and sell domains. Although it doesn't guarantee that every single domain you have purchased returns a profit, even one or two big deals you plan to sign should help you recover your investment cost. If you are entrepreneurial and have an eye for upcoming trends, this is one of the easy ways to make money on the side.  

Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Companies today are increasingly dependent on remote workers to help them in business administration and operations. These so called ‘assistants’ are capable of delivering a wide variety of tasks:

  • reply to business emails
  • maintain communication with clients
  • mail cheques, and invoices
  • submit regular reports
  • schedule meetings with other remote employees
  • coordinate different sections of the supply chain and other duties

If you have some knowledge of how a business works, this might be one of the easy ways to make money. Most virtual assistant jobs pay per hour, and with time and experience, you can even clamor for a better pay rate. However, a good way to establish credibility with potential employers is by acquiring certification in training courses for virtual assistants.

The Verdict

There are several easy and convenient ways to make extra money with the resources you already have. All you need is the motivation and agility to get started. We live in an age where the most valuable currency would be human ideas and experiences. So if you have one, put it to good use. All said and done, earning easy money will demand a sustainable system with little effort and time. Once you have accomplished that, all that’s left is to sit back and reap the rewards.


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