Swagbucks Review – Great Way to Generate Wealth From Home?

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This Swagbucks review will try to answer some questions and find out if it can be a good source of income.

Today, seeking out opportunities that will give you little extra money to supplement your monthly income is both popular and doable. Thanks to the growing number of jobs that allow you to make money without actually having to go to an office, you can now earn money on your own time, be it from the comfort of your home or even when you are traveling.

Very often, people look for jobs similar to the ones they already have. Alternatively, they may try to capitalize on skills they have already built and put to use. For example, a teacher might look for online tutoring platforms or an editor might look for online proofreading jobs. But in reality, there are some options that, though less lucrative, are easier to fit into your busy day-to-day schedule. In fact, they might not require you to change your schedule at all.

So, how do you go about this? One way is to make money just by spending time on your phone. After all, you probably spend too much time staring at a screen anyway! You might as well make the most of it. There are plenty of phone apps and websites that help you make a little extra cash on the side. Let’s dive in this Swagbucks review and see what they have to offer.

Swagbucks Review: What Does It Do?

Swagbucks is a free online app that allows you to make money by participating in some activities. Through these activities, you earn points (called SB) which are then converted into payment in the form of gift cards (to selected retail partners) or even cash - in some cases.

Swagbucks is unique because of the number of ways in which you can earn points on the platform. You can earn money by playing games, watching videos, shopping and taking surveys. The choices are overwhelming but what you finally pick is completely your decision! What’s more, Swagbucks is partnered with a fairly large number of retailers where you can use your gift cards. So, chances are you will be able to find places you shop at already.

Now, we will walk you through some of Swagbucks’ main features. This way, you will be able to get an idea of how to navigate the platform and make the most of it.

What Are Some Of Swagbucks’ Main Features?

When using the Swagbucks website or mobile app, here are a few salient features you should keep in mind:

  • Use Swagbucks through an app on your phone or via their website on a desktop or tablet.
  • You have to earn points which can then be redeemed for gift cards or, in some cases, cash.
  • Get cash back by shopping at over 1500 retailers that include Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, and Target.
  • Earn points by watching videos on the app.
  • Earn points by participating in surveys.
  • Get exclusive offers and deals that help you save money in one way or another.
  • Earn points by searching the web.
  • Earn points for playing games too!
  • There is no minimum number of points you need to accumulate to be able to encash what you have earned so far.
  • If you refer Swagbucks to friends and your referrals use Shop, Search, Watch, Play, Answer or Discover, you make a sweet 10% on their earnings. There is no limit on the number of referrals you can encash. 

How Much Does Swagbucks Cost And How Much Can You Earn?

You do not have to pay to join Swagbucks; it is entirely free to sign up! However, how much you make off of the app or website is up to you. How much time and effort do you want to spend on the activities offered? 

In this Swagbucks review, you'll find that there is no minimum number of points you need to be able to redeem your rewards. So, you have complete control over the extent to which you want to use Swagbucks to supplement your income, even if it’s just one gift card! 

Moreover, because of the range of retailers that you have access to through Swagbucks, you will be hard-pressed to find gift cards that are worth your while or those that meet your specific preferences. 

How Does Swagbucks Compare To Other Similar Apps?

In this Swagbucks review will look at the other similar apps. One of the best ways to figure out how Swagbucks works and whether or not it’s a good option for you is to see how it compares to other apps that function similarly. 

Some apps take an almost identical approach in helping you make money; however, others use entirely different activities to help you earn an extra income. 

The app you prefer could depend on the interface and how user-friendly it is. It could also depend on your personal preferences; the app is affiliated with some different retailers. To get a better idea, let’s see how some of the other apps out there compare to Swagbucks. 


  • Regarding cost, you can join InboxDollars for free; the amount you earn varies greatly depending on the activity. It is worth mentioning that InboxDollars’ affiliation with Groupon can be lucrative if you take advantage of the many great discounts it offers.
  • InboxDollars seems to pay a little more for surveys than Swagbucks does.
  • Swagbucks, however, has a more appealing interface than InboxDollars.
  • InboxDollars allows you to earn cash straight away; it does not have a point system like Swagbucks. This is an advantage as you do not have to wait for points to accumulate before you earn a gift card or money. Swagbucks, as previously mentioned, works on a point system.
  • InboxDollars is restricted to watching TV, taking surveys or shopping and cash offers for earning money whereas Swagbucks has a myriad of options in addition to these. 

Branded Survey

  • You can sign up on Branded Survey for free, but you will only be able to earn rewards or cash after you reach 1000 approved points.
  • Unlike Swagbucks, Branded Survey, as the name suggests, only allows you to make money by participating in surveys. This naturally restricts the activities you can participate in to earn money, so if you’re not a fan of taking surveys, this platform could be entirely inhibitory.
  • Branded Survey also works on the information you give them; in other words, it curates the surveys that it recommends to you based on what you have shared on your profile. This means the surveys you are likely to take are pre-selected and aligned with your interests, which could make the process more streamlined.
  • On the other hand, Branded Survey is more formalized in its process and as a result of this, places more emphasis on the quality of the survey and whether or not you are a suitable candidate for taking the survey. This is because the feedback is sent to their market research clients for approval. This could be a disadvantage as it would make the process more tedious and time-consuming.
  • Quite a large chunk of Branded Survey’s content tends to get extremely popular. This means some of the surveys may not be available to you if they are in demand at the time. This could also limit your choice of the survey, thereby limiting how much money you make as well. 


  • Like most of these platforms, you can join CashCrate for free. The platform also claims that some of its users earn up to $1000 a month by merely directing traffic to their website.
  • CashCrate has a robust referral system in place that allows you to make a substantial profit through your friends and broader network; you earn 20% of what your referral makes, and that number goes up as you increase your number of referrals.
  • The minimum payout per month for CrashCrate is $20, which means you have to earn at least $20 to receive the payment. This reduces the amount of control you have over the platform. This is especially true if you are hoping to make money immediately.
  • It is similar to Swagbucks in the number of options it provides for activities you could take part in to earn points and money.
  • CashCrate, like Swagbucks, also has an app; this means you can use it from whichever device you like.


  • TreasureTrooper has multiple options for earning points and cash, and you can earn between  $5 and $50 through its offers. You can sign up on TreasureTrooper for free.
  • Like CrashCrate, TreaureTrooper also requires you to earn a minimum of $20 before you can encash your rewards.
  • Again, like CrashCrate, the platform has a lucrative referral option. Here, you earn 20% on your first referral and then another 5% on your referrals’ referrals! If you have a reliable network, it could be an easy way to make money from this platform.
  • The interface is not as appealing as that of Swagbucks. (Rating: 2.5/5)
  • Unlike Swagbucks, TreasureTrooper does not have an app, and so it is not accessible across different devices. This is big disadvantage users have to deal with when using this platform, as they cannot use it anywhere and at any time. 

Pros and Cons Of Using Swagbucks

Now that you have an idea of how it stacks up against its alternatives, you can use the Swagbucks review to evaluate it based on its pros and cons (as listed below). 

After reading the pros and cons in this Swagbucks review, it is up to you to decide which aspects are the most important and which you would prioritize over others. To make it easier, the pro/con list should come in handy. You can use the list in this Swagbucks review as an overall guide to decide if it lives up to your expectations.  


  • There is no minimum number of points you need to earn to be able to redeem them.
  • Has a huge amount of choice regarding what kind of activities you want to participate in to earn money. It is completely up to you to decide how you want to use the platform.
  • Large selection of retailers for cash-back offers as well as for redeeming your gift cards.
  • smile-o
    Available as both a mobile phone app and as a website so you can use it across devices. 


  • It does not reward you at a high percentage as some other apps or platforms do for referrals.
  • It appears to be more geared towards accessing gift cards than earning actual cash.

What We Think

If you are looking for a low-stress job that offers a steady income, Swagbucks could be the easiest and most sensible option for you. It offers many different options and is widely accessible.

In fact, all it takes is for you to plan your leisure time - time you would probably be spending on your phone anyway. So really, it’s up to you; Swagbucks is always available to you!

As we end this Swagbucks review, it doesn’t have that many cons; you are still earning a fair amount through referrals, and you have far more options for activities than many other platforms.

Moreover, given the platform’s versatility, some options for activities and amount of control it provides to its users, we would say it deserves a rating of 4.2 out of 5.

Now, the final decision is up to you. You have all the information you need; if the pros outweigh the cons, what are you waiting for? Download the app right away and start earning points!


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