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What Is Remote Work? How to Decide If It’s Right for You and Your Personality

Do you see some of your friends on Instagram or Facebook traveling non-stop and wonder how in the world they can keep showing up in one destination after another? Or do some people you know seem so much more at ease about their jobs than you have ever been? Chances are both of those people are involved in remote work, so what is remote work and is it right for you?

What is Remote Work?

Working remotely is working outside of the office. You are assigned projects which you can do on your own time, in your own space of choice, wearing whatever clothes you want to wear, and listening to your music on any volume. Remote work is extremely empowering to the freedom and productivity of each worker but can also complicate or dilute smooth communication and teamwork.

Understanding what remote work is goes much deeper than the simple answer of “working from wherever you want.” There are huge responsibilities that go with the freedom you are given. We are all different, and we have to learn what works best for us.

There is a chance that remote work sounds appealing but may not be a fit career objective for you. But of course, there is also the chance that it is perfect for you and working remotely can help you transform your life and your relationship with work.

Asking “What is remote work?” you seek experienced guidance to lean on. Having plenty of first-hand experience, and doing a lot of research into other peoples stories with remote work, we are happy to share some of the fascinating details that might help you.

Types of Remote Work

Being a remote worker involves either working for a company that embraces the idea of working remotely, or it consists of working for yourself as an entrepreneur or freelancer who picks up job opportunities as often as they can find them. Working for a company will provide a more stable source of income, through a steady flow of tasks. Working independently can often be a bit more unpredictable.

If you desire to work for a company, there are three types of remote work positions that you could fill:

  1. Office based with work from home options
  2. Remote team in the same location
  3. Remote on any time zone

Office-Based with Work from Home Options

This first option of remote work is when the company that you work for has an office where everything internal is organized and structured via face-to-face meetings and other interpersonal communications. You may even have a desk when working from an office based, yet remote job.

What is remote work if you are working at an office? These job options give you a chance to work from home a couple of days a week while still coming into the office pretty regularly. Or, these job options may give you the chance to work almost entirely from outside the office but ask for you to go in every once in a while.

Remote Team In the Same Location

When you ask “what is remote work,” the answer becomes a bit clearer with this option. Some businesses know that the jobs they are seeking from their employees can all be handled outside of the office, which requires a lease or rent to keep. So they pursue the reality of staffing their operations with remote workers. However, they still believe in good ol’ face-to-face communication and don’t want to sacrifice the vision or quality of their business in the process of “going remote.”

Sometimes businesses are also strictly local businesses that only deal with other companies in the surrounding area.

With both of these scenarios, as a remote worker your duty is to complete the tasks assigned to you by the business while also being able to connect in real life if necessary. With this remote option, you’re also required to be within the same time zone so there are no difficulties in online or phone communication.

Remote on Any Time Zone

When you ask “What is remote work?” chances are you will wonder about this true remote work: the type that allows you to work anywhere and any time.

Remote work on any time zone means opening your laptop in Bali, Indonesia and getting to work on a project assigned to you from Denver, Colorado. There is a 15 hour time difference, but as long as the job gets done both parties are happy and the employer can sustain or grow their business.

Remote work on any time zone revolves around a staff that an employer can trust to get the work done projects that have a grace period for completion. Same day workflow does not exist easily with this option, as it is very difficult for the employer to assign a project and get it completed within the 8 hours or so they are open for business. In this model of remote work, the company has to be okay with things getting done two days, four days, one week, two weeks, or even a month later.

Accountability and Responsibility


Working a remote job is going to require a great deal of self-discipline. There will be times where your distractions lead you away from your work, but unlike being in an office setting, you are going to have full freedom to pursue those distractions. An office setting has managers and co-workers who will ask you where you are going or otherwise keep you motivated and accountable.

The freedom that comes with remote work will give you the space to stretch when you want to stretch, look out the window, or walk in circles if you want to walk in circles. But with great power comes great responsibility. You will have to keep yourself motivated and accountable.


Many people asking “what is remote work?” have the desire to travel and still make money. Other people do it, and nearly everywhere you go these days there are “nomads” re-defining what work is. But this kind of work requires strick accountability and responsibility while you travel and work.

When we get to new places, there are these pulling urges to check out everything new being offered. We can often get lost in the exploration of this place and that place, this restaurant, and that cafe; and we end up not managing our schedules appropriately to work enough or be available.

Getting Honest with Yourself

“Is it right for me?”

Some people need an authoritative atmosphere to stay on top of the things they need to get done, while other people have a hard time working in a space where someone else tells them what to do or watches how they do it. The decision is up to what feels right for you.

At the end of the day, the business you will be working for needs to get things done. Not being disciplined enough to knuckle down and do the work that is required of you will position your employer in a tough spot with their clients, opportunity, and reputation.

One thing that might help you are co-working spaces. These are buildings that have great, often spacious, rooms that cater to remote workers of all kinds. You need to obtain a membership for most co-working spaces, but sometimes remote companies will pay for your membership. The co-working spaces get filled with other members day in and day out; and some even host events. They are a fantastic option for being out of the office but still in a disciplined and responsible state of mind.

Becoming Lonely

One of the major drawbacks working remotely is loneliness. Studies have been performed on over 1000 people who work remotely, and the numbers conclude that roughly one out of every five remote workers feels as though loneliness is their biggest struggle.

You will spend a lot of time on your own, solving problems and putting together your assignments. Communication will be over email, texts, message boards such as trello or slack, and video calls. Face-to-face interactions will be limited to what you make of them with your family and friends; and possible with the barista who takes your order.

If your social life is already struggling then asking “what is remote work?” may be as far as you can realistically travel along that path. However, if you are great on your own, or you have lively times scheduled into your days with genuine friends on a regular basis, than you have no worries.


Being free is something we all dream of. Some of us more so than others; but it is an innate trait of being human. It makes sense that the workforce has taken on a serious shift towards the world of remote work. Understanding the movement and your place within it can make a world of difference for your professional life.

Upwork Review: A Platform for Finding Paying Projects in Your Niche

The gig economy is in full gear, and most Americans have experience with a side-hustle or moonlighting job. If you are considering working part-time or full-time at home, freelance writing is a great place to start side-hustling as you get used to the work and test its pros and cons. The best part about work-at-home jobs is they remove a lot of the hassles of a regular job: no commute, no fancy wardrobe, no early morning meetings. There are downsides, however, and we’ll provide an Upwork review in the context of close competitors who offer similar online writing platforms.

What Is Upwork?

Upwork is a software platform that connects paying clients (who need writing done) with freelance writers. In this Upwork review, we’ll focus on content writing, but Upwork also connects other professionals. Clients pay Upwork a fee and have access to a job board of talent; the client writes a job description for what they need done. Writers join, either for free or for a small monthly fee, and scan the job board to look for paying writing gigs. The interface requires that writers buy “connects” for a small fee in order to apply for writing jobs in their niche. These range from short, simple editing to long term employment.

Program Specs

Upwork has plenty of advantages for both beginning writers and veterans. If you are just getting started, Upwork allows you to choose jobs that are shorter, are within your niche, and allow the use of a platform with which you, the writer, are familiar. Although Upwork takes a percentage of every dollar earned, for someone just getting into the freelance writing biz, it’s a worthwhile place to start. But what about those who are more experienced? This Upwork review shows how online freelance platforms easily link areas where your expertise pays off. This Upwork review includes Fivver, Toptal, and Jobtomic for comparison.

Why Freelance Writing Platforms Exist

Before getting into the nitty-gritty, some freelance writers may wonder: why shouldn’t I just find my own clients? This is a valid perspective, but there are some major barriers to finding clients. If you write in a specialized niche—for example, “camping equipment” or “automotive reviews”—it may take months to develop a client base. Since most of freelance writing happens remotely, having a national pool to draw from is a big plus. In addition, Upwork makes searching for jobs quick and simple. In this Upwork review, we cover pricing, ease of applying, and quality of the service.

Learning Technical Aspects

Using writing platforms is a great way to earn exposure to new software interfaces. If you’ve never tried WordPress, you will find many clients use it and turning out an article in your niche will help you build skills in WP and other software. Software programs are often a great way to write quickly, helping with headers, meta tags, and general SEO techniques. The Upwork review below, in which we compare different platforms, highlights the skills you can develop through different content writing software platforms.


Upwork, Fivver and other freelance platforms take a fee for every job you, the writer, complete. This fee ranges from 25% down to 10%, depending on how much money you’ve earned with the client. All “pricing” we’ve supplied below refers to how much the writer is paid, not the client. For job boards that simply list available jobs (locally or internationally), the fee can be non-existent; for example, Jobtomic is an app that is downloadable for free, or users can upgrade for a nominal fee.

How Online Platforms Compare

We picked a few similar platforms popular on the freelance market to see how they compare with Upwork. We did a quick search and found three other companies that help connect freelancers with work. Our Upwork review honestly compares the plusses and minuses of each platform; there is work to be found for any writer online, whether brand new to the trade and still developing skills, or highly experienced in a variety of niches and writing styles. The companies we’ve listed in this Upwork review include freelance writing, freelance writing with technical skills, and general online “gig” opportunities.

  • Fiverr

  • Toptal

  • Jobtomic

Upwork Review

This Upwork review reveals a company that has proven its integrity over the years, mainly because it works for both brand new writers and veterans. The staff at Upwork are diligent about problem-solving. Just like other platforms, writers need good ratings to attract clients, but Upwork will help resolve issues to the best of their ability. The platform allows for efficient emailing between client and writer, pays writers hourly, or by project or milestone, and provides an easy system for proposal bidding, cover letters, and attaching writing samples. Recently, Upwork has switched to charging per “connect.”

Price $$

Ease of Applying *****

Upwork makes application a breeze. The writer opens an account and gives some basic information. After being accepted (almost all writers are), a small monthly fee will allow the writer to apply for jobs. Once the application is complete, the freelance writer uploads a profile picture and attaches a resume and writing samples (if applicable). After a writer creates an account, she purchases “connects” that get used up each time she puts in a job proposal. There is also a simple two-step requirement for an identity badge that verifies the writer is legitimate.

Quality of Services *****

Upwork provides support for writers with customer service, either via email or telephone. The staff responds to issues writers have; for example, a low rating from a client could derail a writer’s “star rating” and push the writer to under 90%, affecting gaining future clientele. Upwork customer service will help the writer understand the process and will respond to problems. By the same token, the Upwork platform is easy to use, provides an area for a writer “profile,” and has an excellent reputation; hence, Upwork provides a wide variety of clients who pay market rates, in a wide variety of niches.



Fiverr is another well-known platform used by freelance writers around the world, but especially in the US. We are including Fiverr in this Upwork review because this platform allows freelance writers to choose from a wide range of topics and niches. Writers go through an application process and can upgrade their profiles by passing tests (e.g. office knowledge, software, etc.). Fiverr works with large corporate interests and jobs can pay well here. As a result, and because of its stability in a market with churn, Fiverr has maintained a solid overall reputation.

Price $ – $$

Ease of Applying *****

Fiverr requires little vetting of new writing talent, so the application process is similar to Upwork. Since Fiverr operates by setting up what is essentially a “writer meat market” or, in nicer terms, a “bidding floor,” any writer can apply here and be accepted. But as a writer, you want to set yourself apart from the crowd. You do this by building a reputation, or star rating. Freelance writers set up profiles in their niche(s) and are referred to as “sellers” of their niche or creative expertise. Work depends on rating, so getting started can be slower than with other platforms like Upwork.

Quality of Services ****

Fiverr offers customer service for its writers, but in general, is less engaged than Upwork. This is because the Fiverr system is a meeting area between clients and writers, and not much more. Fiverr will help resolve problems that come up between clients and writers, but since so much depends on the writer’s rating, it is up to the freelance writer to vet new clients. A bad client and poor review can have devastating consequences on this platform.



Toptal focuses on the “top talent” so that clients can have a worry-free, hassle-free experience. This works great for experienced writers, particularly those in technical fields such as development and digital marketing. For new writers, Toptal is not a good choice. Additionally, this site is heavily weighted towards software development and interfaces, and is slight on writing jobs outside of those fields. If you are an experienced writer with expertise in these areas, Toptal is a great choice; in fact, it may be the best choice if you are experienced but new to freelancing. But for newbies, this company is a bust.

Price $$

Ease of Applying ***

Toptal bills itself as taking the “top 3%” of freelancers. For this reason, the Toptal company must thoroughly vet its talent. It does so through a series of tests, including a separate application process. Applying at Toptal is more onerous than at Fiverr, and more complicated than applying at Upwork. Toptal only accepts Product Managers, Developers, Finance Experts, and Designers, but we’ve included them in this Upwork review because it is the same basic platform. Many designers don’t write well or aren’t interested in writers, and this could give you a huge advantage if you have the technical chops.

Quality of Services ****

Once on board, Toptal provides solid services to its freelancers. Like the other sites, freelancers live and die by their ratings, but it is easier to gain access to jobs even if you are relatively inexperienced using Toptal. Are you good at taking tests? If so, Toptal may be your dream platform! Even if you have decades of experience, if you can’t prove it, Toptal won’t accept you. The company works with successful clients such as Hewlett-Packard and AirBnB, so they will provide work that pays decently. This site, however, isn’t a good fit for all freelance writers but for freelancers with technical (especially software) knowledge and skills.



This Scottsdale company has been in business for eight years, and is popular as rated by Alexa users; however, it is unclear as to where the actual platform lives, or what the country of origin is. We’ve included this company as part of our Upwork review but we cannot fully endorse Jobtomic (although it does provide work) because the owner hides his or her identity. Especially for U.S. writers, other platforms are more appropriate. However, Jobtomic is an app that allows individuals to search for jobs — including freelance writer jobs. From this perspective, it does what is intended, but the services are limited.

Price $

Ease of Applying ****

Since it is an app that simply posts jobs — similar to Craigslist — this platform does not have an application process. It requires no purchase, but users download the app to a computer or mobile device. Unlike the other services in our Upwork review such as Fivver or Toptal, there is less competition from highly experienced writers and technical professionals. Since this company’s biggest advantage is an app, it is much easier to use but doesn’t provide the same range of professional opportunities as others found in this Upwork review.

Quality of Services **

This app will provide actual, paying jobs but it is not geared toward freelance writers. While it is possible to locate gig jobs, including freelance writing, the services are limited. The owner of the company has not made his physical location transparent, and for this reason, users should be careful when submitting any personal information to this site. As a means to see available jobs and connect with clients, it is better than having nothing, but we don’t recommend Jobtomic as a go-to for freelance employment without independent verification of the online job being offered.



Among the four companies we’ve reviewed, we still prefer Upwork, although Fiverr has adherents for good reason. Jobtomic should be avoided, as there are plenty of high-quality job boards where you can find freelance work and even Craigslist (which doesn’t require an app) offers gigs. Upwork has the advantage of posting jobs from all over the world in a huge variety of niches, and their customer service is top-rate. Additionally, Upwork helps the writer get set up (taking a hefty 20%) but once the writer-client relationship establishes itself, the fees drop to 10%. Fiverr also provides solid customer service, but it is more limited.

The 15 Best Work from Home Companies That Offer Flexibility And Growth


Working from home can be a blessing or a curse. Many people look for home-based work and quickly give up because all they find are scams, companies that want you to pay them to work, and other such nonsense. Even if some places are not scams, they want to charge you to purchase equipment, subscriptions, or classes all with the promise of profitable telecommuting work. That is why we've compiled this list of the 15 best work from home companies. This list contains only the best work from home companies and job leads.

Although no one can guarantee you a job, we have tried to add companies that allow people just starting their telecommuting careers as well as those seeking experienced telecommuting employees.

Work From Home FAQs

Working from home seems like a dream job, but it is not for everyone. Even some of the best work from home companies may not be a good fit for you. This FAQ section will help to answer some questions you may have. It will give you an idea about whether working from home is right for you and your situation.

1. What Is Working from Home All About?

2. Am I a Good Candidate to Work from Home?

3. What Types of Telecommuting Jobs Can I Get?

4. Do I Need Experience Working in an Office or Job Site to Work from Home?

5. What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Working from Home?

6. What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Working from Home?

7. What Equipment Do I Need to Work from Home?

How We Chose The Best Work From Home Companies

We formed the best work from home companies list by evaluating each company based on growth potential, jobs available, flexibility, and rate of pay. Each company provides a different work from home environment or different services. We also looked at who they hire and some of their hiring practices. It is important to remember that many of these companies will ask you to take skills tests you might not have to take with an on-site job.

Potential Work From Home Earnings

There is no limit to what you can earn working from home. Your earnings will depend on what you are doing, your skill level, and how much or how little you work. For example, someone who writes ten articles a day will make less than someone who writes 20 of the same type of article. With most companies, you can work as much or as little as you would like.


Many people who work from home will work on a few different projects at once. It is a good idea to do this because projects start and end all the time. Like any on-site job, there are slow seasons and slow times. So if you want to maintain your income, have a project on the back burner.

What We Reviewed

  • YouCanBookMe
  • Kelly Services
  • Avaaz
  • Appen
  • TranscribeMe
  • Help Scout
  • LanguageLine Solutions
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Concentrix
  • Kaplan
  • Liveops
  • TTEC
  • Cactus Communications


  • About the Company
  • Who They're Hiring

Since they are 100 percent remote, they hire for all positions depending on the need.

Kelly Services

  • About the Company
  • Who They're Hiring

Kelly Services is the same Kelly Services that is a nationwide employment agency. Their remote division is called Kelly Connect and hires virtual workers. Since they are an employment agency, the jobs available are usually diverse.


  • About the Company
  • Who They're Hiring

Avaaz is a political and social activist company. They strive to make the world a better place through lobbying and other political practices. They do this through petitions and other social actions. Avaaz is a 100 percent remote company.


  • About the Company
  • Who They're Hiring

Appen Global is a diverse set of projects. They have a global presence so you can find work with Appen even if you do not live in the United States. Their requirements are simple depending on the project you are working on, and many of them are easy to qualify for. They offer flexibility, hours, and usually a great pay rate.


  • About the Company
  • Who They're Hiring

They require you to have a Bachelor's degree in any field and experience teaching in some form. They prefer those with an ESL certification.


  • About the Company
  • Who They're Hiring

TranscribeMe is a transcription and translation company. They transcribe video and audio files for a variety of businesses all over the world. TranscribeMe made the best work from home companies list due to their high rate of pay and small audio files. Also, there is no upfront investment or equipment to buy.

Help Scout

  • About the Company
  • Who They're Hiring

Help Scout hires tech support, chat support, and developers. Each position has a different experience level requirement.

LanguageLines Solutions

  • About the Company
  • Who They're Hiring

LanguageLines Solutions is an online translation service. They offer their clients translation, foreign language transcription, and a variety of other services. If you are bilingual and do not mind phone or video work, LanguageLines Solutions may be the company for you. They have easy turnaround times and a relatively flexible work schedule.


  • About the Company
  • Who They're Hiring

DuckDuckGo offers its users a private web surfing experience. They pride themselves on not tracking their users across the web as many other search engines do. As part of their mission statement, they state they want to be the most trusted search engine. They offer flexible schedules and generous vacation policy.


  • About the Company
  • Who They're Hiring

Concentrix is one of the older remote call center companies. They have been around since 2004 and are still going strong. They hire in the United States and across Europe. Their primary focus is on excellent call center customer service.


  • About the Company
  • Who They're Hiring

Kaplan is a tutoring and test prep company. They offer their clients tutoring and test prep for college and pre-college students. They provide continuing education, licensing, professional development programs, and test preparation services. They require a six-month contract when you apply.


  • About the Company
  • Who They're Hiring

Liveops is a virtual call center company. They offer call center services such as roadside assistance, order taking, and payroll support. They are also one of the older work from home companies on this list.


  • About the Company
  • Who They're Hiring

Founded in 1982, TTEC is one of the more established call centers in the United States. They work with a variety of industries around the world providing customer support, data entry and tech support options.

Catctus Communications

  • About the Company
  • Who They're Hiring

Catctus Communications is a scientific article writing company. The reason Catctus Communications made it onto this best work from home companies list is that if you pass their writing test, you will never be out of work.


  • About the Company
  • Who They're Hiring

They hire experienced virtual assistants, bookkeepers, and web support workers. Although they prefer a Bachelor's degree and experience in a remote environment, this is not required. You need to have experience in the field you apply for.

The Verdict

It all comes down to what you want to do and your skill set. The best work from home companies list provides you with a quick overview of those companies that have benefits, a high rate of pay, plenty of work, or all three. Each company has benefits and drawbacks. Inspect each company to determine which will be the best fit for your employment needs.

Fiverr Review: What You Need to Know about Working as a Freelancer

A freelancer reading through a Fiverr review

The world is global. People from all over the world are turning to platforms like Fiverr to sell their services. In this Fiverr review, we will go into what it's like to work as a freelancer for the company.

Not a writer or a graphic designer? No problem. Freelancers can also sell services like relationship advice or online lessons.

The Rise of the Virtual Workspace

writing in the notebook

Image source: ​pixabay​​​

A growing number of small and large businesses are turning to platforms like Fiverr, Linkedin Profinder, Guru, and PeoplePerHour. The global outsourcing industry hit $85.6 bn in 2018 and is still growing.

As the world becomes more virtual, it's easier to work with anyone from anywhere. These platforms let freelancers be in control of their own business. All these platforms take a certain fee out of every job completed.

The benefit for the companies is they can choose from a global network of talent. Freelancers can connect with top clients, all in one place. Companies can also save on the expense of hiring a full-time employee with benefits.

What Is a Fiverr Review?

free lancer taking notes

Image source: ​pixabay​​​

Fiverr is an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. Originally, every job on the site cost $5, hence the name.

What Kind of Jobs Do People Sell on Fiverr?

People sell all kinds of jobs on Fiverr. There are lots of sellers with jobs posts for $5, $10, or $15. It can be a good way for beginners to get experience and exposure.

Fiverr's job categories are:

  • Graphics & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Business
  • Lifestyle

Within these categories, you will find the professional and obscure.

One example is the YouTube star, PewDiePie. He infamously posted a job asking for someone to hold up an obscene and derogatory sign for $5. He had no problem getting offers. Two sellers from India did the task. PewDiePie got bad publicity for the stunt, and the sellers in India got their accounts banned.

This shows the quality level across Fiverr is far from uniform. Serious requests may be mixed in with the ridiculous ones, as often quality control is not widely implemented.

Product Specs

Fiverr rates freelancers or sellers by levels. There is Level One, Level Two, or Top Rated. Freelancers are rated according to their activity, performance, and reputation on the platform. Sellers advance through the levels automatically.

Top-rated sellers are selected by hand by Fiverr's team. Fiverr takes into account the age of the account, the volume of sales, high ratings, excellent customer service, high order completion rate, and leadership in the community. Top-rated sellers get access to VIP support and certain beta features.

Fiverr Pro is another category on Fiverr. Pro Sellers must apply to Fiverr's editors and be approved. They are professionals who could either be existing sellers on Fiverr or new to the platform.

Getting a Job

freelancer working

Image source: ​pixabay​​​

Sellers create their own gigs, such as writing a blog post or designing a business logo. Now, sellers can offer packages where they can offer different versions of their service at different prices.

Sellers should be as detailed as possible and complete their profiles. Sellers can also send Custom Offers to Buyer Requests. Fiverr offers many resources to new sellers to help them get started.


Sellers on this Fiverr review price their gigs at anywhere from $5 to $995. They can also offer three different versions of their services at different prices.

How It Compares

We picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare.

LinkedIn Profinder


Fiverr Website

Image from Fiverr

Pay Per Task $

Jobs 5 Stars

There is a huge array of jobs on the platform. Anything you could think of, you can probably find.

Payment Options 4 Stars

Sellers get paid once their order is marked as complete. After that, you need to wait 14 days for the funds to clear. Top-rated sellers have to only wait seven days.

Payment options are:

  • PayPal
    • The minimum withdrawal amount is $1
    • No withdrawal fees
  • Credit to your Fiverr Revenue Card
    • The minimum withdrawal amount is $5
    • Withdrawal fee is $1 for 2-day delivery, $3 for 2-hour delivery
  • Bank transfer
    • Through Payoneer
    • The minimum withdrawal amount is $20
    • Withdrawal fee is $3
  • Direct deposit (only available in the U.S.)
    • Through Payoneer
    • The minimum withdrawal amount is $10
    • Withdrawal fee is $1

Fiverr takes 20% of every job completed, so for a $5 job, you will earn $4.

Freelancer Support 3 Stars

Fiverr offers email, phone, and online ticket support for freelancers. Clients have to approve every completed job before a freelancer is paid. If the client reports they are dissatisfied, Fiverr will refund their money, and the seller won't get paid.

Sellers can also get banned from the platform for violating Fiverr's Terms of Service. This could mean things like communicating outside of Fiverr's platform, Sellers who get banned sometimes aren't able to access their earned money because Fiverr withholds the funds.

Freelancers also face perils associated with their rating. Freelancers with less than a 90% approval rating cannot bid on buyer requests, for instance.

Reputation 1 Star

Fiverr has a somewhat negative reputation. Trustpilot.com has 1,355 Fiverr customer reviews with an average rating of one star out of five. Clients report problems with low-quality sellers. Customers also used Fiverr expecting top-notch work for bottom-level rates.

Top complaints we found on this Fiverr review are problems with customer service, conflict resolution, and Fiverr withholding funds from banned accounts.


  • Sellers can sell many services
  • Platform is attractive and easy to use
  • Many users on the platform


  • Low pay
  • Support tickets are often not answered or closed without resolution
  • Can't communicate outside the platform

LinkedIn Profinder

linkedin mass illustration

Image via Pixabay

LinkedIn is well known as a place where business professionals can network. LinkedIn has a more professional feel than other networks, with only real names and pictures and peer recommendations. It's always been a place to connect with new people, and now it's even easier to find work.

LinkedIn Profinder could be a great tool for any freelancer's toolbox. While it won't replace in-person networking, pitches, and cold calls, it could be put to powerful use.

Released in 2015, it is a way for professionals to find clients and for clients to find pros. There are 70,000 professionals using the site. With LinkedIn Profinder, you can bid on jobs and submit proposals all from your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Profinder is by approval only. If you would like to apply, click the Work tab while you're logged into your Linkedin account. Click on LinkedIn Profinder from the drop-down menu and go through the steps. Your profile has to line up with the work you select.

If you're approved, you will receive an email, and then you'll receive 10 free business proposals. After that, sign up for Business Plus membership for $47.99/month and keep using this great tool.


These are the services professionals can offer:

  • Software Development
  • IT Services
  • Design
  • Writing and Editing
  • Marketing
  • Business Consulting
  • Legal
  • Accounting
  • Financial Services
  • Coaching
  • Real Estate
  • Insurance
  • Photography
  • Home Improvement
  • Administrative
  • Events
  • Wellness

Connect Locally

linkedin illustration

Image via Pixabay

LinkedIn Profinder aims to match clients and professionals in the same geographic area. Generally, you will only be matched with a client within a 100-mile radius of you. This is to enhance local networking and collaboration.

How to Build a Successful LinkedIn Pro Profile

Here are a few tips on this Fiverr review to getting more clients and having more success on the LinkedIn platform.

  1. 1
    Use a professional headshot that showcases your personality.
  2. 2
    Write a clear headline that exactly matches the services you are offering.
  3. 3
    Use the Summary section to highlight your skills and accomplishments that make you different. Don't be shy here - this is your time to shine.
  4. 4
    Get Recommendations from past clients. This is easy to do from right within LinkedIn and really makes a difference in getting clients.
  5. 5
    Get published! Writing and publishing an article on LinkedIn helps establish you as a leader in your field.

Pay Per Task $$

Jobs 4 Stars

As part of this Fiverr review, we can assure you the jobs posted on LinkedIn Pro are of high quality. The sellers on the site are personally vetted by LinkedIn.

Payment Options?

This information is not widely available since LinkedIn Pro Finder is only open to those who have been accepted.

Freelancer Support 5 Stars

This is one of the best options for support in our Fiverr review. LinkedIn gets good marks for customer support.

Reputation 4 Stars

Readers of this Fiverr review are probably familiar with LinkedIn. LinkedIn Pro is used by about 70,000 professionals. Like other platforms in our Fiverr platform, some professionals find it useful, while others do not. Though it is a site for professionals, not everyone is willing to pay high enough rates.


  • Good way to connect with local clients
  • Can use your existing LinkedIn profile
  • Free trial
  • Wide range of industries represented


  • Not free after the first 10 proposals
  • Limited to your geographic area (could be a problem for people in smaller towns)


Guru is another worthy platform of our Fiverr review. Guru is a place for programmers and developers, designers and artists, writers and translators, sales and marketing gurus, admins and secretaries, engineers and architects, business and finance gurus, and lawyers.

Pay Per Task $$$

Jobs 3 Stars

As with other sites on our Fiverr review, there are some good quality and low-quality jobs on Guru.

Payment    Options    4 Stars

Freelancers can get paid by direct deposit, PayPal, or prepaid MasterCard. They take 5% per completed project, which is lower than some other platforms on this Fiverr review.

Freelancer   Support    5 Stars

Freelancer support is an important aspect of our Fiverr review. Guru.com offers freelancer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. There are support options by chat, VOIP, ticket, or by remote support session.

Reputation     2      Stars

Guru.com has a rating of 1.5 out of 5 stars with 87 reviews on Sitejabber.com. This is on the lower end of this Fiverr review.

Clients and freelancers complain about an arduous payment verification system. Clients see money refunded even when they were happy with the project.


  • Good selection of jobs
  • Easy to use platform
  • $1 to sign up
  • You can see who applies for each job and who is selected
  • Can send messages without applying


  • Problems getting paid and adding payment methods
  • Scam artists and fake profiles


PeoplePerHour has been in business since 2007. It is based in the UK but open to US freelancers. Thus, it is a worthy addition to this Fiverr review.

Like the other sites in our Fiverr review, their mission is to connect clients and entrepreneurs. Freelancer can offer services in Design, Writing and Translation, Video, Photo and Audio, Business Support, Social Media, Sales and Marketing, Software Development, Mobile and Web Development.

Freelancers can be paid in USD, EUR, or GBP.

Pay Per Task $$

Jobs      4     Stars

There is a good selection of jobs in the above categories. They are well organized and easy to view.

Payment Options 5 Stars

There are a few ways PPH users can withdraw their earnings. They can withdraw via PayPal, Payoneer, or bank account.

Freelancer Support 3 Stars

There are fewer support options than some of our platforms on our Fiverr review. Users can submit support requests on the website and browse the FAQ. They don't have a customer support number. However, their Help & Support section is extensive, and it's likely they cover your question.

Reputation 4 Stars

PeoplePerHour has a rating of 4 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot.com with 1,974 reviews. This is by far the highest-rated platform of our Fiverr review.


  • Well-regarded platform
  • Policies are straightforward
  • No hidden fees
  • Fewer competitors than some other sites on our Fiverr review


  • 20% commission on the first 500 British pounds earned
  • No other cons found


We have come to the end of our Fiverr review. Fiverr has an incredible reach and cannot be dismissed as a way to connect with clients and other professionals. After considering all the factors, we give it 4 Stars out of 5.

We don't recommend you price your services as low as $5. But, it can be a way for clients to "try out" your services and then see if they want to hire you for more later on. Thus, becoming a Fiverr seller could be a powerful marketing tool for your brand. 

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The 10 Best Online Transcription Jobs That Pay You to Work From Home

using a recorder and laptop for the best online transcription job

If you are looking to pick up some income while at home, transcription is an excellent way to go. Although there are specialized forms of transcription, such as medical, legal, and law enforcement, that require certifications, there are many that don't. The best online transcription jobs are available to everyone even if you do not have a certification or degree. We looked at some of the best online transcription jobs to help you decide if online transcription is right for you.

Online Transcription FAQ

typing on a Macbook

Image Source: Pixabay.com

Although online transcription is not for everyone, it can be a great supplement to your income. If you are just starting out, you can still make a decent living from online transcription. The trick is to not overextend yourself and to make sure that you find the best online transcription jobs for you. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you decide whether online transcription is a good fit.

What Are Online Transcription Jobs?

Do I Need Experience?

How Much Does It Cost?

What Equipment Do I Need?

What Programs Should I Use?

What Are the Requirements for Online Transcription Jobs?

What Else Should I Know?

How We Reviewed

The following online transcription companies were reviewed based on general information on the company, individual employee reviews, types of transcription offered, the companies' requirements, and rate of pay. Each company was individually examined to provide this list of the best online transcription jobs available.

Overall Pay Range

close up of fingers on the keyboard

Image Source: Pixabay.com

One of the most frequently asked questions about the best online transcription jobs is how much they pay. The overall pay range for some of the best online transcription jobs depends on how much you work. Each online transcription job or company has a different rate of pay. Some companies even have a different way that they pay. Some companies pay per minute of audio, some pay by the word, some pay by the line, and some pay by the page. The overall pay range of the best online transcription jobs varies drastically.

Assuming you are working forty hours a week and are brand new at transcription, you can make between one hundred and five hundred a week. It is possible to go much higher as you get faster, specialize, and become more experienced.

The Best Online Transcription Jobs

Accutran Global

Accutran Global homepage

Information about the Jobs
Accutran hires transcriptionists and a variety of editors. They hire contract workers, so be prepared to take your own taxes out of your pay. Accutran Global contracts with varies companies around the world to provide a variety of transcription options. They offer real-time captioning, CART services, transcription, scoping, medical transcription, legal transcription, financial transcription, roundtable transcription, corporate transcription, voice writing, and many other services to their clients. This means they hire for all of these positions.


  • No experience necessary
  • Variety of projects to work on which means there will usually be work
  • Minimal requirements
  • Accepts PC and Mac users
  • Provides software for PC users


  • Need a typing speed of 70 wpm
  • Need to pass a series of tests
  • Peak and off-peak working times

Where to Find More Information


Scribie website

Information about the Jobs
Scribie is a company that has been in the business for a very long time. They were one of the first online transcription companies available. They make the best-of list because they have a proven track record for being one of the best online transcription jobs for beginners. They hire globally and have transcriptionists and transcription projects from all over the world. It is important to remember that like most transcription companies, they only hire contractors.


  • Does mainly no-experience-needed corporate and call center transcription
  • No cash out limits
  • No limits on the amount you can work
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Hire both reviewers and transcribers
  • Offer bonuses


  • Low pay even for beginners
  • Waiting list of thousands of people to work for them

Where to Find More Information

GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription

Information about the Jobs
GMR Transcription is another company that has work for beginning transcriptionists and reviewers. Like most online companies, you will need to take out your own taxes. Although they require a foot pedal and have strict testing requirements, they make the best online transcription jobs list because of their rate of pay and the volume of work that they offer. If you can pass their testing requirements, they are a good company to work for. They also offer multiple types of assignments such as medical, legal, and corporate transcription.


  • Decent rate of pay
  • No experience needed
  • Direct deposit
  • Large volume of work
  • Fast and slow turn around times


  • Requires a foot pedal
  • Requires testing
  • Has transcript per day requirements
  • Only pays per audio minute; not the time it takes you to transcribe

Where to Find More Information

American High Tech Transcription and Reporting

American High Tech Transcription and Reporting

Information about the Jobs
American High Tech Transcription and Reporting makes the best online transcription jobs list because of its higher rate of pay. This company does hire beginners, but you will need at least an interest in law enforcement because that is the bulk of what they transcribe. If you are thinking of applying to American High Tech, make sure you look at all the requirements. They are unusual and very strict.


  • They provide software
  • They hire beginning transcribers
  • They offer a higher rate of pay than other companies


  • Requires you to pay for a background check and fingerprints
  • May not work with Mac computers
  • Requires a Global Online Entry System card

Where to Find More Information

Cambridge Transcriptionists

Cambridge transcriptions website

Information about the Jobs
Cambridge Transcriptionists is a bit different from other companies on this best online transcription jobs list. They only hire legal and corporate transcribers and are not necessarily for beginners. If you do not have legal transcription experience, you should only apply to the corporate transcription site.

Although their requirements are not as strict as some other legal and law enforcement types, they do require a working knowledge of word processing software, transcription software, and transcription devices. With Cambridge, it is important to inquire as to what their requirements actually are.


  • Higher rate of pay than some companies
  • Offer clear audio files
  • Hire onsite and off-site


  • You should have at least some transcribing experience
  • Requires knowledge of transcription equipment

Where to Find More Information


e-typist website

Information about the Jobs
e-Typists is on this best online transcription jobs list because they do hire beginners, particularly those with a legal background, and they offer advancement. Not only do they hire transcriptionists, they also hire for virtual assistants, which is usually an hourly position. Very little information is available about the rate of pay for this company but the employee reviews are all excellent. This means that those who work there are generally happy.


  • Flexible schedules
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Pay every two weeks
  • Free software


  • You need a specific type of foot pedal
  • Only hires for legal transcription

Where to Find More Information


Crowdsurf homepage

Information about the Jobs
Crowdsurf as a company works a bit differently than all of the other companies on this list. They do offer online transcription jobs but these jobs are through Amazon's Mechanical Turk program. If you want complete flexibility, this is the place to be. Not only do they offer thousands of transcription jobs of all types, but they also offer several other types of tasks to do. It is an excellent place to start transcribing and gain a bit of experience. Their short tasks can be done anywhere, anytime.


  • Complete flexibility
  • Thousands of transcription jobs available
  • A variety of work options
  • No equipment needed
  • Great for beginners
  • Relatively easy work


  • Low rate of pay per task
  • Limited support when you are working

Where to Find More Information

Birch Creek Communications

Birch Creek Communications

Information about the Jobs
Birch Creek Communications makes this list because they hire beginning transcribers for both legal and corporate positions. This allows you to gain the experience you need in a specialized field in order to be able to take on higher paying transcription jobs. They only accept applications through an email inquiry, and they sometimes do not have work available. As one of the smaller online transcription companies, this one is well-reviewed and allows beginners to get practice.


  • Higher than average pay per audio minute
  • Minimal requirements for transcriptionists
  • Established company despite a name change


  • Requires a foot pedal
  • May not always have work available

Where to Find More Information


Bam! transcription website

Information about the Jobs
Bam! is mainly an entertainment transcription service. They transcribe television shows, entertainment news, webcasts, and other entertainment-related audio files. They do offer other types of transcription work, but the bulk of it is entertainment related. If you can pass their skills test, this is an excellent company to work for. They offer support for their transcribers.


  • Different types of transcription available
  • They have multiple types of online work available
  • They have minimal requirements


  • Not much information on their website about positions available
  • Email inquiries only

Where to Find More Information

Mulberry Studio

Mulberry Studio transcription specialists

Information about the Jobs
Mulberry Studio is an established company that offers multiple types of transcription position options. It is on this best online transcription jobs list because of its long history and well-established business. Unfortunately, many companies do not offer permanence but this one does. Like most transcription positions, this one is a contract only position.


  • Full and part-time positions
  • Multiple turnaround times
  • Multiple types of transcription


  • Email inquiries only
  • Work may not always be available
  • 75 WPM typing requirement

Where to Find More Information

The Verdict

woman with laptop

Image  Source: Pixabay.com

Like most online jobs, some of the best online transcription jobs rely on how much you work at it. If you take the time to learn and grow with one company, it is easy to move into a higher income range. Unfortunately, most online transcription jobs do not pay well at first and it will take some time to get your typing speed up to where it is profitable for you to transcribe full time.

All of these companies are excellent to work for and well reviewed. You need to know that they do not pay hourly. Their pay rates vary depending on the type of pay, how they pay, and the type of transcription. To find the best online transcription jobs for you, you will need to decide how you want to be paid and how much you want to work.

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